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At Jennifer Jackson Piano Studio, students learn, practice, and play on high quality instruments in a supportive and productive learning environment.

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The Studio

Jennifer Jackson Piano Studio provides fun and engaging lessons to students located in Davis County. Students become well rounded musicians and learn theory, sight reading, technique, besides standard repertoire. Students participate in many fun and unique performance opportunities throughout the year. An Ensemble Recital is held yearly where students learn how to play with others, and occasionally family members participate as well. Jennifer is the co chair of the Silent Film Celebration, and the studio has participated in this fun event for many years where students accompany a silent film in a movie theater. Students also have the opportunity to participate in adjudication programs such as Utah Federation of Music Clubs and the RCM Certification Program.
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Why Choose Our Piano Studio?

Expertise and personalized learning.

At Jennifer Jackson Piano Studio, we love music and we love to learn! From beginner to expert, my students are privately instructed with knowledge from decades of experience.
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Experienced and qualified instruction that helps students achieve musical goals
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Flexible scheduling to accommodate busy schedules
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A focus developing a deep understanding of music theory
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A comfortable and well-equipped studio environment
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Why Learn to Play Piano?

Learn more than just an instrument!

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Improve Grades

Learning to play the piano improves cognitive ability and academic performance. Practicing the piano increases spatial-temporal abilities, which is key to being sharp in science, math, and engineering.
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lower anxiety

eople who spend time practicing the keyboard experience lower anxiety and are less likely to have depression. Practicing the piano helps relieve stress and boost self-esteem.
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grow emotionally

Learning the art of the piano requires us to make many mistakes. It is through overcoming those difficulties that we learn and grow in this art. Applying this to all aspects of my life has been one of the greatest gifts I have personally learned in this discipline.
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Ready  to Start Piano Lessons?

Join us at Jennifer Jackson Piano Studio!
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From my students and their families:

My students love coming to their piano lessons and learning to play. Here's what their parents have to say!

5 stars

Julie F.

Jennifer is a fantastic teacher. Very professional and structured. Gives great incentives and motivation. Has an incredible ability to help each student progress quickly. She gives the students songs they enjoy and that challenge them as well. She is a great teacher!
5 stars

Laura d.

Jennifer is a phenomenal piano teacher! She has taught my children for over 8 years and I was always impressed with her constantly finding new ways to teach piano/music to children.  She is very well organized and communicates clearly with parents. My children have enjoyed the repertoire she has given them over the years and the reward system she creates to encourage healthy practice habits. If your student follows her instruction, they will rapidly progress under her teaching.  She provides many unique opportunities to perform as well as compete.
5 stars

Kay w.

Jennifer Jackson is an amazing piano teacher! She has taught our 3 children for 5 years now. She helps them find music that they love to play and treats them each as individuals. One of our daughters just received a State Award from the Royal Conservatory of Music, and I credit Jennifer with having inspired her to do her best. She teaches theory to them and wants to make them complete musicians, not just piano players. I highly recommend her.
5 stars

Kristin H.

Jennifer is the ultimate professional. I sent all of my children to her for lessons. I started teaching piano lessons myself and have returned to Jennifer once again as a student. I am learning more about the piano, music theory and to become a better pianist. I trust her completely! She is a wonderful teacher. She explains everything so well, and is patient with my many questions. I give her my highest recommendation.
5 stars

Katrina M.

My daughter has been Jennifer’s student for the past six years. Jennifer has been excellent in craft and teaching. She helps students achieve performance level from their day to day piano training.
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Jennifer Jackson Piano Studio provides quality lessons to students in North salt lake and the surrounding areas.

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