Student Etiquette Guide & Studio Policies

To provide the best possible learning environment to my students, there are a few simple policies and etiquette rules that I ask that they follow. Please check this list before your lesson and arrive ready to learn!

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Student Etiquette Guide

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Nails must be trimmed to allow students to easily play piano keys.
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Food & Drink

No gum, food, or drink is allowed in the studio.
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Cell Phones

Cell phones must be turned to silent and kept in the student’s bag.
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Students should enter through the studio door and don’t need to knock. Please arrive no more than 5 minutes early or late to avoid interrupting prior or subsequent lessons.
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Parents are welcome to attend any lesson to observe.
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Siblings are also welcome, provided they are quiet and do not distract from the lesson.

Studio Policies

Some information to help our studio run smoothly.

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Monthly tuition includes the private lesson, group classes, and recitals. Payment is requested by the 1st of each month. An overdue fee of $25 will be added if tuition is not received by the 10th of each month. If an account is more than 30 days past due, it will be considered default and lessons will discontinue until payment is made. Tuition does not include student materials or festival/exam fees.
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Practicing Requirements

Daily practice is vital to musical progress. Students are expected to practice with the Tonara app, and to work toward musical goals in their practicing. The recommended amount of practice time will be discussed with the student, and should be practiced 5-6 days a week.
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There are 3-4 performances held during the academic year. Students are expected to participate in each performance opportunity. They are held at various locations, including local libraries, Bountiful Davis Arts Center, and at the studio.
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From my students and their families:

My students love coming to their piano lessons and learning to play. Here's what their parents have to say!

5 stars

Julie F.

Jennifer is a fantastic teacher. Very professional and structured. Gives great incentives and motivation. Has an incredible ability to help each student progress quickly. She gives the students songs they enjoy and that challenge them as well. She is a great teacher!
5 stars

Laura d.

Jennifer is a phenomenal piano teacher! She has taught my children for over 8 years and I was always impressed with her constantly finding new ways to teach piano/music to children.  She is very well organized and communicates clearly with parents. My children have enjoyed the repertoire she has given them over the years and the reward system she creates to encourage healthy practice habits. If your student follows her instruction, they will rapidly progress under her teaching.  She provides many unique opportunities to perform as well as compete.
5 stars

Kay w.

Jennifer Jackson is an amazing piano teacher! She has taught our 3 children for 5 years now. She helps them find music that they love to play and treats them each as individuals. One of our daughters just received a State Award from the Royal Conservatory of Music, and I credit Jennifer with having inspired her to do her best. She teaches theory to them and wants to make them complete musicians, not just piano players. I highly recommend her.
5 stars

Kristin H.

Jennifer is the ultimate professional. I sent all of my children to her for lessons. I started teaching piano lessons myself and have returned to Jennifer once again as a student. I am learning more about the piano, music theory and to become a better pianist. I trust her completely! She is a wonderful teacher. She explains everything so well, and is patient with my many questions. I give her my highest recommendation.
5 stars

Katrina M.

My daughter has been Jennifer’s student for the past six years. Jennifer has been excellent in craft and teaching. She helps students achieve performance level from their day to day piano training.
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Jennifer Jackson Piano Studio provides quality lessons to students in North salt lake and the surrounding areas.

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